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The Siesta Key Drum Circle

The Siesta Key Drum Circle
After growing up on Siesta Key and being in Sarasota for most of my life, I thought it was probably about time that I visit Siesta Key Beach during the bewitching hour one Sunday night . . . that’s the hour before sunset every Sunday night on the beach.  So, away we went on that Sunday evening, a couple of weeks ago with my children in tow.
By the time we arrived, there was so much activity that we felt compelled to get out to the beach in a hurry.  With the circle of people in chairs surrounding this unique, free wheeling group of individuals, we were hard pressed to find an opening to set down our 4 chairs and snacks so we could see what all of the commotion was about.  Even though it took a while to find a parking space, the wait was certainly worth the sites of the carnival-like atmosphere with the most gorgeous sunset hanging in the balance.  This is a site that is hard to describe and that you must see some time in your life!

Drum circles are probably one of the most ancient forms of community building known to man. In the drum circle, people who are not necessarily professional musicians come together to create an improvised composition that becomes the score for  their own lives. The drum circle provides a portal into musical expression, making it an accessible experience for anyone at any age or level of ability. In it’s simplest form, the drum is an accessible tool for creative expression.

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Drum circles are happening in many places. This demonstrates the importance of establishing a rhythmaculture in our Western world. People attend these events not to become better percussionists, but to reduce stress, build community, and have fun. It is a recreational activity that engages the mind, body, and spirit. Arthur Hull, father of the modern day drum circle, developed his unique approach to facilitating drum circles in the 1980s through an observation of the need that extended beyond percussion skill development. According to Arthur, “when we drum together, it changes our relationships and helps us cope with whatever challenges life hands us.”

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