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Florida Everglades at Night Airboat Ride

1 Day 0 Night

Florida Everglades at Night Airboat Ride

For a fun and unique experience take a private night tour of the Florida Everglades by airboat. On your private tour you'll learn about the Everglades, Florida’s most remarkable natural treasure, as you blast over the swamp in a custom-made airboat – at night! In this 60-minute nighttime airboat adventure, visit exclusive locations in the Florida Everglades and discover the secrets of the untamed wilderness. This nighttime tour includes complimentary entrance to the exhibit area during daytime hours. Displayed pricing is based on 6 people in your party.


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$50 $57
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  • Private night tour of the Florida Everglades by airboat
  • 60-minute nighttime airboat adventure
  • Learn the history of Florida's most remarkable treasure
  • Hear and see a variety of reptiles, insects, and amphibians
  • Glide across the Everglades in total darkness
  • Visit exhibit areas during daytime hours
In this private Florida Everglades Airboat tour, your experienced captain will guide your craft across the river of  sawgrass and cattails at speeds up to 40 mph (64 km), all under the cover of dark. As you glide across the swamp, you’ll hear the calls and rustling of the Everglades’ nocturnal creatures. Your guide will tell you stories about the Seminole Indians who lived in this wilderness, as well as the panthers, birds, snakes, frogs, fish and bugs that call this national wildlife preserve home.

In addition to this fascinating airboat adventure, you’ll also gain entrance to exhibit areas during normal daytime hours. You’ll see many species both native and exotic to Florida, learn about a 1,000-pound alligator and interact with animals in the swamp yard exhibit.

For the most in-depth and personal experience, take a small group private tour of the Florida Everglades’ and its unique subtropical ecosystem and animals.

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