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Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum

Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum

The Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum (reporting mark FGCX) is a railroad museum located ..

The Siesta Key Drum Circle

The Siesta Key Drum Circle

After growing up on Siesta Key and being in Sarasota for most of my life, I thought it ..

laos 4000 iles
Carte, infos sur Don Khong, Don Det et Don Khone dans la région des 4000 iles Laos

Siesta Key Weather

Siesta Key Weather
Winter is the prime season in Southern Florida, where temperatures ordinarily range 71-77  F/22-25 C during the day and 50-60 F/10-16 C at night.
 Occasional winter cold snaps can occur as far south as Miami: Some winter mornings in the southern part of the state may see near-freezing temperatures, but by midday the warmth returns. In the northern quarter, however, it can be downright cold for days at a time, with temperatures dipping below freezing at night. The sun is intense at these latitudes, even in winter, so don’t spoil your visit by getting too much.

With all the water in the region, the state has high humidity, which gets higher and more uncomfortable in summer. If you’re traveling to Florida during your summer vacation, you’ll find that the heat and humidity are tempered by sea breezes along the coast or by afternoon/early-evening thunderstorms.

Rainfall can be intense, but is usually brief. Nonetheless, those who aren’t used to it may find 90 F/32 C and 50-65 percent humidity a strain. Careful pacing, loose light clothing and a hat with a brim will help. Of course, you can usually cool off in the water swimming at the beach is comfortable year round.

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